The Artist

Kahsan, a St. Louis native, is a soft-spoken, humble, and unique artist perfectly packaged to write, produce, and perform outside the box.

His father, a Marine and mother, a native of Thailand. They taught him to embrace both his American and Thai heritage. Encouraging him through his family in Sukhothai, Thailand, to learn to speak fluent Thai. Influenced by the music of his father, a member of the group "The Roulettes," Kahsan began playing piano at 7.

While working as an audio engineer, Kahsan quickly learned to engineer his self-produced studio sessions. Over time, while partnering with several artists to assist in track composition and production, Kahsan has perfected his musical style. His style brings a unique sound unheard of by any radio artist of our current time. He brings a mix of soft rock, country, and R&B to the forefront in his latest ear-catching emotionally inspiring work, "Super Man."

Kahsan is multi-talented and has a unique ability to sing, rap, and grace the keys of the piano, to produce a sound that flows with today’s evolving mixed-genre styles, all while managing to stay true to his idealistic roots. Some of his musical influences are John Mayer, BJ the Chicago Kid, Anderson Paak, and Logic.

Kahsan’s creative spark doesn’t stop with music. He’s also an accomplished videographer, editor, and photographer. He loves composing and writing and plans to create several full featured masterpieces in the near future for other artists, which is his ultimate passion.

Kahsan keeps the original spirit of pop and R&B and positions himself with a diverse style that will last through the ages. His creative and unique approach to transparency is why he’s able to stand alone in a music industry that elevates rappers and sets him apart from his peers. His love for all aspects of music in today’s world is unmatched. He is the new sound, for many generations to come.